Learn More, Earn More with SoilMaxx

Accuracy reaps big rewards in agriculture, especially when it comes to determining nutrient needs. The more you know about your soil, the more benefit you’ll get from every application. That’s where SoilMaxx comes in. SoilMaxx is a grid sampling tool that relies on an independent lab for analysis. Data gained from SoilMaxx form the basis for determining the best fertilizer rates across all your sampled fields. There’s no more guessing. No more wondering why certain acres break production records and why others are average at best. SoilMaxx is just one more value-added service we provide to help you get the best return on every dollar.

  • Unbiased Analysis—Because an independent lab performs the analysis, you know you’re getting unbiased information.
  • Full Soil Tests—Midwest Laboratories, the independent lab we use, conducts full soil tests, including sulfur and zinc.
  • Management Decisions—Results from SoilMaxx sampling help you determine the biggest limiting factors in each field—factors like water management, fertility issues and compaction. By prioritizing them, you can focus corrective measures.
  • 100% Grower-Owned Data—SoilMaxx data are yours, and yours alone. You’re the only one who sees the results. To make sure, we sign confidentiality agreements with everyone.
  • Individual Field Analysis—Each field is analyzed individually, providing pin-point accuracy across your acres. Based on the analysis, we’ll hand-figure each prescription to make sure each plot of ground is getting precisely what it needs.
  • Grower Soil Book—We’ll compile the information in a personalized soil book and meet with you to go over every field, making sure that you understand the data. This is your opportunity to tell us about any anomalies you know about from farming that field.
  • Sound Agronomics—All recommendations are based on proven best practices. We don’t have any biases for recommendations, because we don’t sell fertilizers, fungicides or foliage feeding products. All we care about are your productivity and profitability.
  • Secure Data Storage—Your information is safe with us. We have full in-house and off-site backup and storage.
  • Best Return on Your Investment—Producing a crop every year is a big investment. We’re here to help you get the most out of it with SoilMaxx grid sampling and fertility prescription writing.